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What is?

'E-Samabay' a complite Co-Operative Software

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Hi Security

Providing 3D Hi Security software solution and top quality user management and menu control for your SKUS

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User Friendly

Best web base UI Design and Development, fully user friendly and menu base control using AJAX and JavaScript

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Fully customizable software, create your own Loan type, Savings type, Interest rate with Edit and Delete option

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Live Support

New Ride Web Solution provides best Live Support through Phone, Online and physically visits 24x7 days

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Full Accounts

E-SAMABAY providing full accounts with complete Audit report as pear updated NABARD rules

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All Detail List, Pass Book, Report and Return print very simple date by date month by month year by year

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About E-Samabay

E-SAMABAY is a software product exclusively designed and developed for Co-operative Credit Societies. Its fully Web based and Real time application for Multi state credit cooperative society, Multi branch credit co-operative society. It can be customized modules and according to client’s requirement.

A Credit Society must need this software as by using this all the things will get easy to manage under one roof like, All your Member, Saving , Deposits, Loans, Bank, Bank Loan, Bank Investment, Agents, Agent Commission, Voucher, Trading, Branches, Employees, General Accounts, Details List, Audit Report, other different schemes, Reporting and lots more. The most important is like you can get various accounting reports those are the backbone of such society’s means to manage the money flow and will keep an eye on various aspects of your Company and can make the most accurate supervision and calculation of them.

This software can be called as a Co-operative or Mini Banking Software. As its working for Member Share, Savings, RD, FD, MIS, Loan, Bank, Voucher and Account schedule. This software will provide all the needs and fulfill features and all the dreams which a society need to buildup. The Credit Co-operative Society Software develops by New Ride Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Under the brand name of E-Samabay provides a world class features and modules with all the option needs in the software ever for future requirements as well.

General Features

  • Web Technology: PHP as front End, and MySql Server as Back End.
  • Multi – State: Can manage all the states and respective branches.
  • Multi – Operator: can create any number of operators to work on software and you can provide rights accordingly.
  • Operator Privileges: User Privileges are specific access and ability permissions that can be assigned to users.
  • Multi – Agent and Customers: Unlimited number of Agents and customer can work on this is already tested with millions of entries.
  • User Friendly: Easy to operate, Professional employees are not required to operate the software.
  • Data Security: Project works within a secured architecture and sense of security like captch, 3d verification and we also manage the important code using higher level encryption.
  • Application Security: Using IP and MAC Address based security to run the system.
  • Automation: Automatically Calculat Interest, Overdue, Maturity Date for deposit and Loans.
  • Document Management: Can maintain Members and Staff documents like Loan Applications, Membership form etc.
  • General Accounting: When software will make any transaction entry then this will automatically make effect on Cash Book, Day book, General Ledger, Cash Account, Trial Balance, Profit and Loass, Balance Sheet, and other Reports.
  • Audit Reports: Provide Complite Audit Reports Such as Cash Account, Trial Balance, Interest Paid & Payable, Interest received & receivable, NPA, Trading Account, Profit and Loss Account, PL appropriation, Balance Sheet for Audit Purpose.
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  • Fully Web based real time Finance Management Software
  • Multi-Location, Multi-States, Multi-Branches
  • Easy To Use Software “User Friendly”
  • Complete Saving base Software
  • Complete KYC with verification process and documentations
  • Calculator Available for Savings, RD, FD, MIS, Loan Plan settings
  • Prematurity Calculations
  • Charge / Collect Late Fees / Collect Miscellaneous Fees
  • MIS Interest transfer to customer Saving A/C automatic or manual
  • Automatic Member Share Update
  • Loan Overdue Calculation
  • Loan NPA Calculation
  • Cash Credit Loan Module
  • KCC, SHG Loan Interest subvention
  • Agent Commission Master – Slab creation, Product basis, Amount basis, Target
  • Penalty / late fee calculation
  • Deposit Collection by cheque/Cash/Saving Ac
  • Employee payroll management
  • Bank transaction, Bank Investment, Bank Loan
  • Trading Account Management
  • Provide full Accounts with Audit Report
  • Automatic Backup System
  • Supports unlimited user access and unlimited security level
  • Multilevel user access security with password control on all the option
  • Fully Windows based Multi User Online Integrated Software
  • Settings for Passbook, Bond, Receipt and other Material as per client Requirement

Control Panel

Have a look

Master Manager

All control and setting available here. Saving Account, Loan Account, User, Interest, Loan Type, Financial Year, Account Head, Sub Account Head, Staff Access, Site Setting etc.

Member Manager

Create a Member with type Individual or Nominal and add to Voter List, Share Deposit and Withdrawal, Share Transfer and Member Share Details List

Savings Manager

Member Savings Account, Deposit, Withdrawal, Transfer, Daily Deposit, Que List, Service Charge, Account Ledger, Saving Closing, Pass Book Print, Interest Transfer, Details List.

Deposit Manager

Recurring, Fixed, Reinvestment, MIS Deposit, Renewal, MIS Interest Transfer, Prematurity, Maturity, RD Fine, MIS Bonus, RD Details and All deposit Details List.

Loan Manager

Loan Account more than 23 types, Loan Withdrawal, Loan Deposit, Cash Credit Loan, Loan Ledger, Overdue List, NPA, NPA Details, CIP, Credit Limit, Carbarnama, Loan Interest Subvention.

Bank Manager

Bank Account, Deposit, Withdrawal, Account to Account Transfer, Bank Interest, Bank Charge, Bank Account Statement, Bank Loan, Withdrawal, Deposit, Bank Loan Details List.

Voucher Manager

Voucher Manager representing Voucher Payment and Voucher Received. Branch Adjustment, Contra Entry, Member and Society Cheque Details and Details List also available.

Employee Payroll

Employee Payroll Master, Salary Withdrawal and transfer to member Savings Account, PF calculation and Transfer to PF Bank Account, Full salary statement.

Trading Manager

Trading Manager representing Purchase, Sales, Opening Stock, Closing Stock, Sales & Purchase Details, Stock Details, Stock Register, Sundry Creditors and Debtors.

Account Manager

E-Samabay is a full Accounting Software it’s providing all accounting reports such as Cash Book, Day Book, Monthly Cash Account, Monthly Return, SHG Return etc.

Audit Manager

100% Money Back Guaranty. We are providing Full Audit Report, Yearly Cash Account, Trial Balance, Interest Paid & Payable and Received & Receivable, NPA Statement, Trading Account, Profit & Loss Account, PL Appropriation and Balance Sheet.

Backup Manager

Automatic Backup system and Manual Backup system both are available in our E-Samabay software. If software is running online Backup is storing automatically and software is running offline dumping data using backup option and its store your local drive.

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